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Meet Marlon

With over 20 years of non-profit management and community development experience Marlon Molina knows what the Communities of District 17th in the South Bronx need.

Marlon has a vision for a Bronx where local government and the public sector work hand-in-hand with grass roots movements lead by community leaders. Marlon understands that most Bronx residents don’t have enough resources to provide for themselves and their families and that many times it is the work of community organizations that more directly brings resources to the community for those who lack food, clothes and other basic essentials. He thinks that our elected officials can learn from these organizations and do more!

Marlon is an experienced community organizer, activist, and funds manager. He knows how to listen to and work for the community. Marlon will leverage the resources needed to improve living standards. He loves the Bronx and will be a strong advocate for Bronx residents.

Marlon Molina