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to the Community

Campaign Vision

With over 20 years of community development and non-profit management experience Marlon has a proven track record on delivering for the community. If elected Marlon will work to:

Reduce gun-violence to make our neighborhoods safer

We need to keep guns off the streets with responsive partnerships between the community and law enforcement. Marlon will invest public funds to support programs that educate our youth about negative consequences when they get involved with guns.

Secure funding for our schools

Our teachers need the necessary tools to deliver high quality education. Historically, Bronx schools have been the least safe and most under resourced in NYC. Marlon will work to ensure the South Bronx gets a proportional share of the Department of Education’s Budget.

Fight for affordable housing

Marlon will support the community development organizations that rebuilt the housing stock of the Bronx when no one wanted to invest in the Bronx. This will ensure that persons with special housing needs get the support services they need. The Bronx is the new frontier attracting housing development, new business, and population migration. He will make sure that it continues to attract investment that is right for the fabric of our community.

Allocate funding for green and recreational space

As District 17th’s population increases so will the need for green community space. Marlon will make sure that recreational space development plans keep up in pace with housing development plans. He will also ensure public and private investment in park equipment that is appropriate for toddlers, teens and seniors.